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And people thought she would come between them. 



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roommate requirements

  • willing to reenact the ‘where’s my supersuit’ scene from the incredibles with me at any point in time

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you know girls can tell when you look at their boobs

i don’t care how quickly you glance, 1 second is like 5 seconds in boob time

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Daniel Radcliffe's acceptance speech for the Man of the Year Glamour Award, 2013. (x)

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today at work a little girl and her dad came through my line and she picked up two things of altoids and she was like “daddy let’s get the same flavor! so when you’re in afghanistan i can eat mine and you can eat yours and we can be together!” and me and my cashier just stood there like DON’T CRY DON’T FUCKING CRY DON’T BE A BABY AND FUCKING CRY

and then they left and we fucking wailed like children

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Pug Appreciation Post

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so other than that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play

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